Yes it's February and I'm just getting to Christmas pictures. Go me.

So I am starting to feel like a pretty useless blogger these days. Probably because I'm averaging one blog post a month. Anyway I really didn't want to let Christmas slide by without some kind of documentation, so here is a recap of our day!

This year was pretty cute in terms of the excitement of Christmas around here. Even Harper surprised us with how excited she was Christmas morning and saying "PRESENTS!!! SANTA!!!" Pretty cute for an almost 2 year old. We did our usual Christmas morning presents with the girls and mama and watched the Disney parade. Every year we watch it and every year we wonder when we're going to actually do it!

The week before Christmas we did the Santa thing at My Gym again and it was adorable. Besides Harper and Nolie hating Santa, Quinn was as usual all smiles and all business.

And that looks just about right. 

So anyway, back to Christmas morning. Lots of presents, lots of giggles, and lots of having sit down conversations with a four year old trying to explain why its not ok to say "Is that all?" when we were done. I thought 4 was going to kill me, but 5 seems to be creeping up past the sass of last year. 

Her favorite present. Although she refuses to take off her diaper while using it. Baby steps.

We ended the day at Gram's house and everyone was dead tired by the end of the day. Next year I said we should spend all day in our pi's drinking hot chocolate and eating lots of food. And then we all nap and sleep for 15 hours that night. A girl can dream, right?


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