Maternity Style {Baby #3}

Let me just preface this post by saying that this pregnancy started out rough. Morning sickness started basically after conception and I literally packed on about 20 pounds. You would think after so much throwing up that it would have caused me to lose weight....but no. Bagels, toast, english muffins and sticky buns were about all I could handle for 16 weeks.

It was disgusting. So disgusting in fact that over the last 3 or so weeks that I've actually been able to eat pretty healthy, I've lost 6 pounds. {THANK GOD} I've started working out again on a semi-regular basis so I am hoping I don't end up the size of a blimp by the time August comes.

I went through all my maternity clothes with the girls and had to toss almost all of it. It was sad. Times sure have changed in 5 years style wise! So while I have been preferring buying normal clothes in XL sizes, I know I need a few staples to get me through the next 4.5 months. These are my absolute favorites and cannot wait to spend the warm weather in dresses and maxi skirts! Amen.


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