The Weekend Haps.

This week was rough. Stomach bugs, colds, fevers, topped off with an ear infection for Harper and the stomach bug for me. It was brutal. I have never, ever been more thankful for my husband and the great care he took of me and the girls. Even when his wife projectile vomited all over the bedroom while he was bringing me water and I couldn't stop crying out of sheer embarrassment. I swear, the man deserves a medal.

Daddy met us there, so obviously the girls didn't care at all when he arrived. 

Friday we spent our Friday at Ikea and it was amazing. We needed more toy storage (shocking) and we got a few more set ups of our beloved Trofast system. And since Baby #3 is taking over the spare playroom/craft room I needed to find something big enough to store all of mama's no kids allowed craft supplies. And of course hundreds of dollars worth of totally random things that you fall in love with there, we hopped next door to Buffalo Wild Wings where I realized I was starting to not feel so hot.

Quinn had been feeling better for almost a week, and Harper was instantly better after a dose of antibiotics, so thank the good Lord after 24 hours the bug was gone and I woke up Sunday and felt completely normal. Which was great because we had our first Egg Hunt of the season with our besties!

Despite skipped naps and overall tiredness, the girls did great! They even lasted through dinner thanks to Aunt Jamie's never ending diaper bag full of goodies!

And no joke. Harper fell asleep while swinging. Because of course she did.

It was the perfect ending to an otherwise sad weekend! Now... Happy Spring Break!


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