Hello, 21 weeks. {Baby #3 Update}

So 21 weeks (this past Monday) and I feel like I blinked and we're here. Even though when your in the middle of all.day.sickness you feel like everyday is a year long. Here is a little update on the happenings of baby girl #3.

We had a 13 week NT scan for the first time ever. We never did it with the other two and we just wanted a sneak peek into our baby, to be honest. Everything came back as good news, as good as it can get.

Then we had our 19 week anatomy scan. Baby looked perfect and was measuring right on track. Thanks to the stubbornness of this one, the scan lasted over 2 hours. We thought we were wrapping up but then the doctor came in and started dropping some bombs. When I had my anatomy scan with Harper they mentioned I had cysts on one of my ovaries. They never mentioned the size and never made it seem like it was anything to worry about. And to be honest, I completely forgot about it once Harper came and never brought it up to my midwife.

So, the doctor comes in and says "You have an orange sized cyst on your ovary." BAM. Ok? That seems a little excessive. I was basically told it might go down after this baby is born but I will need to have it monitored and that if I start to feel incessant pain in my right side that I would need to contact my midwife ASAP because it could mean that it has turned or twisted or something and that it would need to be removed. Insert sad/petrified "I might need surgery while pregnant and lose an ovary?!" face. I realize this is my third child, but that's quite a hit to my fertility.

Then she dropped another bomb on me by saying that I have placenta previa (not a worst case scenario of it, but wanted to be cautious) and put me on pelvic rest. (which SUCKS) So I need to go back in 8 weeks to have it all checked out again. I am praying that the previa will have resolved itself and that I can be taken off of pelvic rest and that the humongous cysts hasn't grown any in size. But all that matters is that baby girl is looking good, growing healthy and that's all I really care about at this point.

I am getting super anxious for August, even though the state of our lives is a little in limbo right now! We are hoping to put our house back on the market in the summer (after Quinn's birthday so we can have one last pool party for her!) so we are still debating between public/private school and not knowing where we'll end up is a little crazy. But if it wasn't crazy, it wouldn't be what we do, so we are just going with it. We both have a strong desire for another fixer upper, (see? crazy), so we've been keeping our eyes open.

I'll see if I can keep up with this on a semi regular  basis!

How Far Along: 21 weeks
Size of baby: A banana! (7inches, 11 oz.) 
Although baby was 10 oz at 19 weeks so insert my fear of delivering a 10 pound baby.
Total Weight Gain: I honestly don't know where I started. From my first weight gain, I think I had already gained like 10 pounds, so I would say I'm up around 10 being that I lost some of it.
Maternity Clothes: Hey yoga pants.
Gender: Girl!
Movement: Non. Stop. Seriously. 
Anth can already feel her and I see my stomach move.
Sleep: Not great. I pee a lot. 
What I miss: An ice cold beer. And I'm on pelvic rest so I'll leave it at that.
Cravings: I can eat an entire cantaloupe
Symptoms: Still a tiny hint of nausea. Nothing unbearable.
What I'm looking forward to: Holding this sweet girl!


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