One of those perfect nights.

You know one of those nights that you don't really plan, but everything kind of works out magically and everyone enjoys themselves, stuffs their faces and in bed by 8:00? Yeah....those are amazing. And with this amazing weather we have been having, I want to take advantage of every delicious second I have left with just these two. 

I called Anth on his way to work and begged him to pick up hamburger buns and everything smores because Harper woke up with a runny nose (AGAIN) and was clinging to me for dear life. 

Sidenote: Anth got the Big Green Egg and I have been obsessed with it ever since. I have only recently heard of it, but omg. The taste this sucker gives all your food is amazing and my pregnancy cravings all consist of everything on that grill. 

So after downing some delicious burgers and fries we decided to let the girls go at the smores! Also, please excuse the mess of our deck. We have been painting all of those railings for the last couple of weeks and then we get to finally stain it so it's looking a little crazy. Hallelujah though, we are almost done!

"Mommy, I eat chocolate?"

I had bathed the girls while Anth was on his way home to get that out of the way and we patiently waited for daddy. These two are insanely adorable together. I can't even handle the way she looks at him. I mean, I get it. He's kind of a dream boat.

Quinn was obviously too busy with her smore.

And this is what happens when you ask your husband to take a picture of you and your kids. 

Definitely frameable. 


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