Current Loves // April

1// Trader Joe's Face Serum 2//  bikini so teeny 3// IT Cosmetics Blending Brush

This is probably one of my absolute Current Loves ever because I am literally obsessed with every single thing on here!

1// Trader Joe's Face Serum: This is the most amazing thing I have found for my pregnant face yet. Someone at the gym was raving to me about it so I ran across the street to Trader Joe's and got it (for $10!) and have been in love ever since. I put it on at night, followed by my usual night cream and it has been wonderful!

2// Essie Bikini So Teeny: My go to, absolute favorite summer color. The color makes it seems a little shimmery, but there is no shimmer and it's the perfect shade of blue/gray/violet. 

3// IT Cosmetics Brush: I got this on a recent Ulta trip and have been using it to blend the concealer under my eyes. Because lets be honest, I need a lot of concealer under my eyes. I've been super happy with it for the last couple weeks!

4// Basq Resilient Body Oil: After Molly posted about it, I had to have it. Each pregnancy I try to find a miracle product to prevent those awesome stretch marks and I'm happy to say I haven't sprouted any new ones. YET. But this makes your skin so much less itchy and completely soft and moisturized. The smell is delicious and I will definitely try some other Basq products!

5// Cover Girl Whipped Berry Gloss: I picked this up on another Ulta trip (Husband if your reading this...sorry) and I am going back to buy every single one they have in case they ever discontinue it. LOVE THIS lip gloss. Not sticky, and the pink is that perfect bright, but not too bright summer pink. Completely obsessed with this lip gloss!

Stay tuned for next month when I will probably blog about maternity swimwear and how I will probably spend all summer in mums and sunscreen. 


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