Memorial Day | 2015

God I miss last weekend. It was so perfect. Filled with tons of productive things, lots of food and lots of family time. It was so nice having Daddy home for a long weekend and the girls (myself included!) soaked up every last second.

There was a lot of this though:

Anth has been working non stop on getting the pool going (and will be ready in the next couple days, hallelujah!) so Mama and I (ok, Mama) tried to get the flower beds down by the pool done. I put the girls to bed on Sunday night, came outside to find Anthony and mama had pretty much done it all while I sat there and watched. It was glorious. 

Sidenote: we have lived here 5 years and have never done anything to those flower beds. Seriously, we hate taking care of outside things. 

Monday we decided to get an early start on the day and head to a park on the lake to get some energy out. 

Open space is always a good idea. 

This park has exercise equipment all over the trail so we made the girls stop and try them all out :) Plus a million  opportunities for cute photos of daddy with his girls. Seriously, can you imagine another little smiling, adorable little girl with him? My heart can't even take the thought right now. Pretty sure I will melt into a puddle when this little nugget arrives. 

My biggest. Looking all big. 

My littlest. Looking like trouble. 

Mama had the best idea of picking up Ledo's on our way home so that is exactly what we did. It was the most perfect day. It was originally supposed to just be me and the girls and mama so daddy could sleep in and relax and then get back to work on the outside, but he woke up right before we were leaving and asked if he could come. UMMM, YES! Seriously, best dad ever. The grass could wait. 

I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Weekend and thank you to those who gave all so that we could enjoy these little moments. I think being a Peruvian born citizen has made me extra grateful for being able to live in such an amazing place. Hashtag AMERICA.


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