Father's Day | 2015: The Luckiest of Girls

This guy. No amount of words can express how lucky we girls are to have him in our lives. The most hard working, family loving, willing to do anything for his family kind of man I have ever met. A man who truly would want to spend every second with his family if he could. 

We love celebrating him on Father's Day weekend. The girls get so excited. We started the celebrations on Saturday with our annual tradition of crabs and kids with one of our most favorite families ever. These kids are seriously just the cutest. 

We ate dinner on a covered porch and the amount of sweat I produced during that time was unreal. And disgusting to be quite honest with you. So as soon as we were done we beelined it to the boats and breeze!

The girls love these people. It's a little unreal. Quinn usually doesn't take a liking to that many people, and being that we don't see them nearly enough during the year, it's always the sweetest thing to see when she lets go and has a blast. AKA Uncle Gary for the win. 

The Harpers. Double Trouble, but seriously the cutest. 

Photo attempts always end up looking like this. 

We made it home Saturday in a massive lightning and rain storm. It was pretty awesome. Anth and I put our tired babies to bed and sat out on our porch and watched the storm. The next day was supposed to be all rain all day. Daddy was supposed to have baseball on Sunday morning, but it was cancelled and we woke up with beautiful, 90 degrees and sunny. So obviously it was a pool day. All day. 

But first we smothered him with kisses and cards and the girls couldn't wait to give him presents! Not without Harper screaming "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!" as soon as he walked downstairs. 

Mama and I went out to get Daddy some breakfast and DD coffee and then Anth went outside to clean up the pool a bit from the storm. The girls skipped lunch and hung outside for almost 4 hours before Lita came to the rescue with chips and homemade guacamole. Which left Anth and me some alone time in the pool which was obviously spent floating around on the pool float getting sunburned. It was amazing. 

Unfortunately, we talked Daddy into doing some housework being that Quinn's birthday is on Friday and her party on Saturday, so we (ok he) power washed the house and deck because we are painting the porch and deck floor this week. (Seriously, the power washer is my new favorite thing ever. By the time he was done the siding I was screaming "Power wash the recycle bin! Power wash the patio umbrella! Let me get the trashcan!") It was a little sad. 

Mama is amazing and bathed the girls while I quick ate some food and then we all enjoyed a nice little Father's Day cake, because we always have cake. Besides the amount of work that he ended up doing that day, it was a pretty amazing weekend. 

We love you so much, babe. I seriously feel like the luckiest girl in the world that you work so hard so we can have this pretty amazing life. And another little girl to add? I simply cannot wait.  

Hope you had an amazing Father's Day. You deserve the world!


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