Quinn's 5th Sleeping Beauty Party!

The birthday festivities are officially over and I go through the same set of emotions every year, every birthday. Thank God. Followed by utter sadness that it's over followed by "Holy crap balls, is it her birthday again?!"

Seriously, time. Just stop. 

I had hounded Anthony all year because due to our complete lack of decisiveness about when to list our home last year, our pool wasn't ready for Quinn's party. So it was open way early this year and of course, it was a hurricane on the day of her party with temps in the 70's. It was so sad. 

So we hoped our massive collection of toys would keep the kids entertained and thank goodness it did!

I had no outfits picked out for these two because I thought they would be outside in bathing suits all day, so I we did the best we could with these shirts I had made for Father's Day and called it a day!

We of course managed to get no photos as a family because we are awful at remembering things like that! My huge pregnant self spent most of the time sitting down and eating. Obviously. 

Quinn and Grandad. Two peas in a pod. 

Also, this was our first time doing Mission BBQ for a party, and oh.my.gosh. It was so delicious, I was so happy with everything and we will definitely be doing that again. And the mac and cheese? Not only for the kids if you know what I mean. 

The cake is always my favorite part of every party! Not only eating it, but picking it out and choosing the deliciousness. And then eating it for a week after. 

Cousins. Minus the birthday girl!

Our paparazzi. Always thankful to have awesome pictures thanks to Grandad!

I love this picture. Babies and best friends. 

It was a long day and we were pooped, but so very grateful for everyone who made it out in the disgusting weather to celebrate our baby. Our FIVE year old baby. Seriously, still can't get over that. 

Now if it would stop raining every day we could resume the hot weather pool time for the rest of the summer and trying to get a nursery together in 5/6 weeks. 


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