The Weekend Haps

This weekend was filled with lots of sun, lots of food and lots of friends! The most exciting part of the past week has been this:

Girlfriend is potty trained. Like asks to go, goes in Target and everything. We are slowly making progress in the #2 situation, and I will write more about potty training this one later, but YESSSSS. 

Saturday morning was Quinn and Nolan's last tee ball game! Uncle Coach Ryan couldn't make it so Daddy stepped in handed out the medals and was forced into the team picture lol. It was insanely adorable. 

Harper didn't realize she wasn't actually part of the team. 

It was Quinn's best sports experience yet! I guess playing with Nolan and having Uncle Ryan as her coach will do that! Her soccer and tee ball experience last year was nowhere near as exciting and adorable and I can't wait to be able to do it again!

Later that day we celebrated Brenna's 5th (!!!) birthday! Unreal. The party was adorable and the girls had the best time riding ponies and getting to see all the animals!

Daddy now has to look into how much it will cost to buy the girls horses because they were obsessed. We finished the night at Nana and Grandads and needless to say, even Harper slept in until 8:30 on Sunday. (UNHEARD OF)

Sunday was our favorite little man's 3rd birthday party! We love Nolan so much around these parts. I mean, being our future son in law, of course we do, but he is just the sweetest, most enjoyable little guy. His obsession with baseball is beyond adorable and Anthony can't get enough of it. 

We also got to see littlest baby Connor! Think Quinn likes him?

That is the face of pure happiness. She cried when Aunt Jamie and Uncle Matt left. 
{Hashtag Drama Queen}

Those are twinkies with icing on them, ya'll. TWINKIES. Cutest party decoration ever!

We got home and Harper had fallen asleep so Anth stayed in the car with the girls while I came inside and laid my pregnant butt on the couch. She was not very happy when she woke up, but thanks to Nolan's goodie bags, she happily laid down and watched Mulan with her lollipop. 

It was the best weekend. Despite no naps and lots of whininess, the girls were pooped and Monday for sure has us feeling like this:

I get it Reagan, it was a long weekend. I mean really. 


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