38 Weeks {Baby #3}

How Far Along: 38 weeks + 2 days
Size of baby: Swiss chard? 
Total Weight Gain: I think around 23 pounds. I have an appointment later today! 
Maternity Clothes: I am living in my bathing suit and cover up. 
Gender: Baby girl!
Movement: She actually has slowed down these past two days. Thanks to all day contractions, I am not surprised.  
Sleep: Bad, awful, I am so not looking forward to not sleeping!
What I miss: BEER. 
Cravings: Beer, alcohol, sushi. Still crazy about ice water. 
Symptoms: I was up all last night convinced I was going to go into labor because the contractions were crazy. I didn't even bother timing them since I know how bad they are going to get, but I never had BH with the girls. Once contractions came, that was it, so this is all kind of new and I am in a constant state of anxiety!
What I'm looking forward to: Hopefully making it to my hair appointment this Friday :) And plans on finally painting Quinn's room this weekend!

I am totally ready to get this baby out. Not like "I have all my crap in order ready" but i seriously can't take being pregnant anymore. Nothing makes me more frustrated than not being able to do something for myself or my kids, so I am counting down the days until I can bend over again. The need to workout again has hit hard and I seriously cannot wait to be able to lift heavy things again! And do a burpee. I may have lost my mind. 


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