A Letter to Big Sister Harper

My baby Harper,

Oh, my baby Harper. What can I say about you except that you are the spunkiest little two and half year old I know. Your personality is so different from your sister's.

You are my Wild Child.

I wouldn't change a thing about you and I love every ounce of your feisty little self. The thought of you becoming a big sister just blows my mind. Because you are still so small in my mind, but then I catch a glimpse of you being such an independent little thing and always saying "I do it by myself" that I have to stop and remember you are almost 2.5! But I think I will always think of you as "my baby" because of how petrified I was to have a second child. Now that we are having our third, I'm not going to lie baby girl. You make me a little nervous :)

You are not as easy going as your big sister and while you could not be more excited about the thought of having another baby in the house.... I really hope you adjust ok. I worry because you have always been so attached to mama and the thought of not having enough hands to be there every single time you need me breaks my heart.

I keep telling Daddy that the first thing I want to do when this baby comes is to rock you to bed for however long I am able to. Right now, this huge gut gets in the way and it's not the comfiest thing for either of us. I love the little conversations we have when I hold you and I just want to have that time with you not complaining about my back or belly or anything. Just me and you.

I know you will do great. With Quinn going off to Kindergarten in just a few weeks, I know you will step up and be my big helper, just like she was with you. I can't wait to see how much you grow and learn in the next few years before you start preschool (!!!)

I love you so much sweet girl. I am so lucky to have been blessed with you because God knew I was going to have to work on my patience. And you definitely came through with that :)




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