Nursery Progress {Baby #3}

Since we have been going back and forth about moving and deciding a few weeks ago that we were probably better off staying put for a little while (like years) we had about 5 weeks to put together a nursery. (!!!) So in Hastings style, we have thrown every last spare second into the nursery and Quinn's room being that we took all of Quinn's furniture (except her bed) and moved it into the baby's room. 

But first.... flooring! We had to replace the floor being that a certain dog got locked in there and ripped up the carpet about a year ago. She also ripped up the carpet in Harper's room when we first got her so we are kind of kicking ourselves for not just finishing the upstairs in hardwood sooner. 

Anth finished the flooring in record time and I fell in love! We got Quinn new furniture last weekend and moved everything in so that I could start washing and organizing everything. So we started here:

And now we're here!

I've washed all the 0-3 month things, rug is in, now we just have to find the screws to Quinn's old crib and we will be good to go! The matching crib sheet to the changing pad cover is backordered from Land of Nod and I cannot wait for it to get here! I am trying to add a little bit of mint accents here and there so I am off to Lowes in search of mint spray paint today. Here is a list of thing I still need to find/purchase:

  • floors
  • baseboards
  • purchase rug
  • move in furniture!
  • crib
  • hang wall prints
  • hang mirror above dresser
  • curtains
  • curtain rod
  • cut out gold vinyl dots for above the crib
  • make flamingo nightlight
  • Reupholster Quinn's glider
I am sure I am leaving out a few random things but it feels so much better being 36 weeks pregnant with an actual space for her and her things! Nothing makes me happier than being in that room by myself just putting things away and imagining what life will be like with one more little princess. 

4 more week! (OR LESS!)


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