Pregnancy Must Haves {Baby #3}

Trader Joe's Serum // Coobie Bra // Tummy Butter // Target Racerback Tank

This pregnancy has been the roughest yet, for sure! The worst morning sickness, non stop congestion, heart burn, stomach bugs..... the list goes on and on. Now that we're wrapping up with the final weeks, I thought I would share the absolute must have's this time around. 

Basq Resilient Body Oil This stuff has been insanely amazing. I think I posted about it on a Current Loves but it deserves another mention! I only use this after I take a shower when my skin is still a little damp. It smells amazing. You know what's annoying though? Stretch marks your first two pregnancies and none the third time around. Thanks for that. 

Snoogle My bestie Colleen gave me this last pregnancy and I could not wait to bust this out again this time around. I literally wouldn't be able to sleep without it. 

Tums Heartburn sucks. Enough said. It usually is only at night whenever I move so these are a constant on my nightstand. I'm sure my husband can't wait for the day he doesn't have to hear the constant chewing sound of these bad boys!

Unisom This is my 3rd pregnancy with all day vomiting morning sickness and for some reason I have only discovered the magic of Unisom this time around. The vomiting was so bad this time around I was a nonstop Googler and found that some people had relief with this and B6. I was prescribed Zoran but I couldn't bring myself to take it (thanks commercials) so I took one Unisom and the relief was amazing. It did make me insanely sleepy so I usually took half at night and it lasted a while. On a rare occasion I would take one during the day and it was awful, but it was better than throwing up 78 times a day!

Honest Sunscreen We've been outside pretty much all day everyday and this is the only sunscreen I trust on my face. I used another brand one time we were outside out of sheer laziness and I welcomed about 5 pimples a few days later. 

Trader Joe's Facial Serum This stuff has been a lifesaver. I have the most annoying skin that is never without at least a single pimple and hormones make it a million times worse. I heard about this and it has seriously worked wonders. It's super moisturizing and goes on very smooth. 

Coobie Bra My bestie got me this a little while back and I am in love. I was a little weary of the "one size fits all" but I seriously can't wait to invest in so many more. I will say that Nordstrom Rack sells a copy cat version for $7. (Seriously, $7!) But I will say that the pads that come inside of them are much better made in the Coobie. I still love the ones from Nordstrom Rack, but I will definitely be making more purchases of the Coobie. 

Tummy Butter This is my first go around using this and I am on my 4th tub I think. Super, super creamy and thick and helps with that annoying itchy belly syndrome. This stuff gets a ton of use around here!

Target Maternity Racerback I bought this on clearance at the beginning of my pregnancy and it has been pretty much the only workout tank I have worn all pregnancy. Between this and a few other extra loose tops, I haven't had to buy any maternity workout clothes. It is super stretchy, comfy and supportive. 

Now we are on an official countdown to baby! 


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