A Letter to Biggest Sister Quinn

My Quinny,

You are days away from becoming a big sister for the second time. How fast the time flew in between Harper and this baby is mind blowing. And you, my sweet little nugget, have just turned into the most amazing little girl. Ok, big girl.

My only regret with the planning of this baby is that you will be headed to Kindergarten soon after she comes and Oh my gosh, am I going to miss having you around. You were the biggest help when Harper was born, and I know your going to be an even bigger help this time.

I remember being so nervous when I was pregnant with Harper, thinking "How can I possibly love another baby as much as I love you?" Which in retrospect was pretty insane, but I know it was totally normal. This time that thought hasn't even been an issue in my brain because of how well you did with Harper. I can only hope that the pattern continues! But let's be honest, Harper is a bit more of a trouble maker than you are :)

I am just so proud of you and the kid you have become. You are so motivated when it comes to everything to put your mind to. Like you learned to swim in a day. Because that's just how you are. I know you are going to shine in school and you will make all new friends this year and while that excites me to no end.... I cannot stop and think about all the time I will to be away from you. I know it's ridiculous but GOD, I will miss you. 

I love you so much baby girl. You are one of the biggest reasons we felt ok about having a third child because of how amazing you are. I can't wait to see you and littlest sister together. Because I remember falling in love all over again when you met Harper. You were so tiny looking back at that first picture and it breaks my heart to think of you getting any bigger. (Stupid life.)

We love you so much Quinn Taylor. We are so lucky God blessed us with you for our first go around at this. I am so proud that we will have two little girls who will forever get to look up to you.




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