Hazel's Birth Story | Part II

It was still earlier in the night, thank goodness so my husband wasn't as out of it as last night. (That poor man needs sleep like we normal people need air.) So we do it all over again, except this time we are pretty sure we'll be coming home with a baby. I was taking my good old time being that just hours before I was still a solid 1cm and "really high up". Anthony kept rushing me because he thought the baby would pop out at any minute, but with my track record I was in no rush. Contractions were every 3-4 minutes and a minute long. Torture.

We were both kind of right. We check into our room (not a triage room, thank God!) and I am........ an 8-9. Yup. Panic immediately washes over me because I start asking for the epidural as soon as I can get it. But according to the midwife, I am still really high up. I honestly thought we'd be having a baby any minute after that but boy was I wrong. It was probably about 2/3am at this point and once my blood work comes back I finally get the sweet relief that comes with that baseball sized needle in your back. 

Then it's Anthony's favorite part. Resting up for the actual birthing of the child. You know, because he needs to conserve all of his energy. 

I as usual cannot sleep. 

So I start taking pictures of things and just enjoying the quiet. I love staring at the baby warmer area because it's crazy to think that soon your own baby will be in there. Just blows my mind a little! We get some rest and I get checked a couple hours later. Still "very high up" which causes the midwife to try to get me on all fours. I immediately ask Anthony to take a picture and send it to my bestie, Tessa, because I know it will make her laugh. Hashtag: We've seen each other at our worst. 

Also, note: Nosy husband who likes to pretend he's a doctor. 

So after spending some time in this awesome position, things start moving in there. Or so I think. So they finally let me flip over and hopefully get the show on the road. 

But not before one more little rest for this guy. 

Around this time I start to get the most painful, sharp pains in my left hip. Every contraction it's like the epidural had worn off, but only on that side. I kept hitting my pain pump but nothing was working. After a little while with that pain, I lost it. I was so mentally and physically drained at this point, I seriously thought I couldn't do it. I start crying like a baby and the nurse gets the midwife who suggests we just start pushing. 

Sidenote: Another reason I am so in love with midwives, especially the one that delivered Harper. They coddle you. And I need a little of that every once in a while. So I start pushing and I just am discouraged. It was exhausting and after 5 minutes I thought I wasn't making any progress. This is where Anth does his magic and starts "coaching" and same as with Harper's birth, pisses me off a little. But in the perfect amount that smacks me back to reality and to stop throwing myself a pity party and 20 minutes later, our beautiful Hazel Faith was born. 

Relief is the only word that can describe how I felt as soon as she was born. When Harper was born she had to be whisked away because of her cord, but Hazel happily hung on me for what felt like hours. It was amazing. 

Unfortunately I was apparently losing way more blood than I should have been. I remember after Harper was born I felt lightheaded and almost like I was going to pass out. I felt totally fine this time, so it was a little strange to see them panicking and pumping me full of three different types of medicine. But all was well and it just meant a little longer in the delivery room, which was fine by me!

The best nurse/midwife combo I could have asked for. 

8 lbs | 3 oz | 20.5 inches | 9:43am
Our biggest baby yet!

Nothing makes me happier than seeing the first time Daddy gets to hold his girls. 

The girls and mama got to meet her later that day and it was amazing. Despite the skipped nap time and trying to keep Harper from squeezing her to death, they did really well. 

The girls were smitten. And looking back at these I see that Harper was actually nervous! Look at that little face! Quinn was as expected, completely and utterly obsessed with her littlest sister and wanted nothing but to hold and kiss her. 

This girl was excited. And such a pro. And way too grown looking!

Lita and her newest granddaughter! 

I love them. What a lucky bunch of girls we are. 

Party of Five (!!!) 

I still can't believe she's already here. I felt completely unprepared for this baby, probably because we really didn't need or have to do much to actually prepare for her. She has been a little blessing of an addition to our growing family and I could not be more thankful. 

Welcome to crazy town Hazel Faith. 


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