One Week {ish}

Our littlest sister is a week old! How that happened, I don't really know. We have been enjoying having Daddy home with his girls for the past week and I honestly am dreading having him go back to work. With him here, bringing home a third baby has been a breeze. Honestly, the transition could not be going better. That on top of the fact that my mom still works her full time job and somehow manages to sneak in a home cooked meal here and there has been absolute heaven. I am seriously so very blessed.

Come next Monday? Lord help us all.

I broke out the Moby earlier in the week because I know I will need to be a pro at getting that puppy on again because I will need every last hand I can get! And the fact that I need to get a routine together for the first day of Kindergarten on the 24th? I will probably be up at 4am just to make sure I can get her there safely, dressed and fed. I will worry about the other two once we get back home :)

Hazel, Hazel, Hazel. She have been such a little source of joy around here. Her sisters are completely in love with her. Especially our Quinny. Poor girl has had the remnants of a cold since she was born so we have been trying our best to limit her time spent kissing and hugging her. Which is hard! Harper does pretty well with her in small doses, you just have to be on your game otherwise you will catch her giving the baby wet willies.

She eats like a champion. Just like her sisters. Her tendencies remind me more of Quinn. Harper was a much more laid back newborn. Ate every 3 hours, and never, ever cried. (Funny how those turn into the crazy two year olds, huh?!) She eats every 45 minutes to 3 hours, depending on her mood.

The girl loves to sleep. She does pretty well at night. She will eat, cuddle with either Anthony or I while the other passes out and then is up every 2/3 hours to eat, but usually goes right back to sleep.

I will add that sleep deprivation is my #1 concern with every baby. Because Mama loves to sleep. Particularly uninterrupted sleep if you know what I mean. And I can honestly say it hasn't been that bad so far. Talk to me in a few weeks and I'm sure I will tell you different but some coffee and a quick cat nap when I can get it, and I am usually good to go.

We had her first doctors appointment on Tuesday and little sister is doing wonderfully! She was already one ounce above her birth weight at 5 days old, so we don't have to go back for a 2 week appointment. Guess nursing every hour really will add the chub on! 

Other than completely having anxiety over Kindergarten, we are doing pretty well! I'm sure that will change once real life starts up in a few days. I am planning on taking my first solo trip with the three of them on Monday. To Target. Obviously. 

All prayers are welcome:)


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