Sister Hazel {Lately}

Little Sister is three weeks {tomorrow}! Can we say, "SLOW DOWN" already? It's a weird mix of time flying, but at the same time, it seems like this little nugget has been around forever. 

Obviously the girls are adjusting terribly. 

We haven't been back to the pediatrician since she was above her birth weight at her 5 day appointment, so I am really looking forward to her one month appointment in a coupe weeks! She has finally slowed down on the eating every hour part. Apparently mama has a serious forceful let down problem, because she tends to be on the gassy side thanks to my over eager boobs that think they are providing for a village. 

She is in Size 1 diapers and 3 month clothing. Chunky monkey grew out of newborn things pretty quickly!

Her umbilical cord finally fell off when she was two weeks and a day old and I could not wait to get her in a real bath! Obviously, she was just as thrilled. I like to call her narcoleptic because she will seriously fall asleep out of nowhere. 

Despite the above photo, she really loved the bath! And that 4Moms tub? Amazing. 

Girlfriend was not happy to get out though. 

She has been doing pretty well at night too, but is proving to be a little pain just getting her to fall asleep at bedtime which for her is around 8:00-9:00. But once she's asleep? Golden. She gave me her first four hour stretch a couple days ago (hallelujah!) and will usually go 2-3 hours between needing to eat. We started forcing the paci on her in hopes to curb her never ending need to suckle and she's been doing great! The good thing at night is that she goes right back to sleep after eating/diaper changes and girlfriend is finally in the Rock n Play. I like to sleep with my babies on my chest for the first couple of weeks. I swear it's helped all three figure out daytime/night time  pretty quickly. So I was glad to be able to move her in and sleep on my stomach again! 

Besides her gassy episodes, she really is a good baby. Ok, not really. To be honest, she's probably the most difficult of the three in the newborn stage, but definitely not horrible! We are very lucky to make pretty good babies. No colic or anything like that. She doesn't really enjoy the car seat, and will magically wake up and cry if we aren't moving, but all in all, she is a perfect addition to our family of crazy. My much more laid back attitude the third time around is mighty helpful, too. 

I can't believe she'll be a month old so soon, so I pray I remember to take those monthly pictures! With Quinn they ended at 3 years old. That's right. For three straight years I took her picture every.single.month. Harper was lucky I managed 12 months. 

I will say a prayer for myself. 

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