Emerald Isle | 2015

We made it! We made the annual 7 hour drive to Emerald Isle, NC with a 7 week old. Were we crazy? Absolutely. But as they always do, these kids surprise the crap out of you and how good they are capable of being. {Lots of bribing required.}

It was the first time we made the trip there during the day. We usually drive at night so the girls are asleep for all of the trip, but with Hazel this year, we really had no idea how she would do and I was not about to have a screaming newborn for a 7 hour drive in the middle of the night. The girls did SO good. We stopped once at the Cracker Barrel for breakfast and once at Chic Fil A for lunch and they napped the rest of the way. It was almost too good. 

We spent the week relaxing (ha), swimming, and if you were Quinn, addicted to the beach. She made her beach loving mama and Lita proud. And the only child of mine who inherited her mama's tan skin.

When you inherit your father's albino skin this is what you have to do. 

The girls had a blast and my husband's love of fishing in the ocean proved to grow stronger every year. So while this year I spent most of vaca bouncing a baby and wiping snot, the beach is never a bad idea. 

And this is what happens when you come downstairs during nap time and find your husband quietly petting the dog. You have a photoshoot. 

This girl. I just have no words for how much I adore her. 

Thankful for Grandad who helped keep the kiddos entertained on the beach!

OMG A PICTURE OF THE FIVE OF US. Do you ever catch a glimpse of yourselves and stop and thank "WOW. I am one lucky mama." 

I just can't. 

This little girl. So feisty. So stubborn. But oh so delicious and sweet when she wants to be. I spent the week feeling sad that I don't get to spend as much alone time with her as I want. Must be that middle child thing. 

Dance parties and coffee. My happy place.

That Thalia. Always by his side. And almost getting fish hooked every time. 

Sorry I am sort of obsessed with these children. I only took 3,000 pictures during the week. 

Quinn's "Enough mom," face.

Harper's "Enough, mom." face.

This one never cried when we were down by the beach. It was like a perfect, free sound machine. 

Our second to last day was rainy, so we spent it at the Aquarium! 

This child. 

I birthed them. That's still weird. 

Parents of the year. 

We are super happy to be home though. I think it was the sheer exhaustion that made me more excited to be home than actually go on vacation. Three kids is no joke!


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