Hazel Faith | Month Two

Two months. That really flew by. I realized the other day, I am actually getting some sleep. When did that happen? Does anyone else make it to that time where baby actually sleeps for 5/6/7 hour stretches at a time and you think... "I MADE IT!" Past that newborn night/day time confusion? Just me? 

Girlfriend is doing awesome. I am loving her to pieces and I simply cannot get enough. She is starting to really fill out and get all sorts of chunky and I love it!

At her two month appointment she was 11 pounds, 14 ounces and 23 inches tall. Her longest stretch of sleep has been 7.5 hours and she is usually pretty good about always giving me at least a 6 hour stretch. Thank the Lord. Still in the Rock N Play, which really helps with her spit up problems. She has calmed down in the eating department too. She usually goes 3 hours which is an amazing difference from the 1/2 hour to hour she would give me right out of the womb!

She is just the best. The smiles are just heart melting and the girls continue to love on her like there is no tomorrow. Life with three girls has proven to be nothing short of amazing. And I am soaking up every second before those dreaded teenage years!


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