Hazel Firsts | Bottle Success!

A few weeks ago (ok, several weeks ago) we decided that we would try and give littlest sister her first bottle! I remember with Quinn I was itching at the 2 week mark and I could not wait to get her to take one. My amateur boobs needed a break and I couldn't get there fast enough.

With Harper we waited a little longer and she was such an easy baby that I felt no rush. So it is no surprise that three babies in we waited until around 4 weeks to finally introduce her to the bottle!

Thanks to my boobs that thought they were supplying milk for a set of quadruplets I had no choice but to pump from very early on. Like days old. It was so uncomfortable and I had to be super careful because if I pumped too much I would just be telling them to keep on going!

So I had a good amount of milk already stored for baby girl and just like her sisters she took it like a champ!

We've had great success using Tommee Tippee bottles and thankfully Hazel did awesome. Of course the girls were literally dying to get their hands on the bottle to help feed her, but Daddy has always been the first. He's cute like that and looks forward to this day almost as much as I do!

She already looks too grown in this picture. Stop it, Hazel. 

Is it strange that I still am not used to a baby with so much hair?!

The girls have since both stepped in and helped feed their baby sister and while it causes more problems and fighting that anything else.... the proud on their faces is just the cutest thing I've ever seen. 

I am so, so very lucky that they are mine. And more importantly that Harper hasn't tried to kill her yet. 


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