Kindergarten Quinn

Is it just me or should expensive school pictures not be out of focus 
and maybe fix her hair before you take it?!

My baby. I still can't believe I have a full blown school kid. Actually I can't believe I have successfully dropped off and picked up a school kid for over a month. Because that was my biggest concern when she started. (Hello new infant!)

I was never really concerned about how Quinn would do. I just always knew she would do great. And sister has amazed us in every way possible. Talk about a dream kid. 

Her first day she was pumped. And nervous! It was really sweet. I explained how Mommy and Daddy were both nervous for their first day of school and reading "The Night Before Kindergarten" helped too. 

At her school, there is a huge drop off line and there are about 3 or 4 parent volunteers who help the kids out of the car and get them to where they need to go. I brought mama with me in case I was in a glass case of minivan emotion. We lucked out and got the sweetest man, who still continues to be one of my favorites at drop off, who personally walked her to her classroom because it was such a big deal. She gave us kisses, had the biggest smile on her face and was on her way. 

Just like that my heart literally burst out of my body and walked into school with her. 

It was awful.

And then I picked her up and saw how excited and happy she was. It was a dream come true. And it was the longest half hour wait because of course I was half an hour early to pick her up. She was so proud of herself that I just wanted to cry. She may have been proud of herself, but Daddy and I were so much more proud! (Prouder? She gets her brains from Daddy.)

Needless to say, school wiped her out for the first few weeks. It's such a long day for little people and I miss the days when Kindergarten used to be a half day!

She loves to love on baby sister when she gets home and I don't blame her. I was a little worried she wouldn't like school because she had to miss out on her baby sister time. 

This one just attracts the preschool cuties while we wait for Quinn to come out. 

And Hazel is usually doing this. 

We just had our first parent teacher conference with her teacher last week and Quinn is doing great! She is reading independently at a B level (whatever that means) and she is continuing to let that feisty little personality out. Her BFF is Sofia and she loves the playground more than anything. She is chatty and has been moved like three times, but I love it and I was the same way so I can't really fault her.  Unfortunately we just found out Sofia changed schools, so girlfriend is devastated.  I feel so awful for her. She had been out all last week and then we had a playdate on Friday where Sofia's mom broke the news to me. She has a picture of her and Sofia in her room from Chuck E Cheese's and she looked at it and cried last night. Talk about a broken heart. 

Other than that I am hoping her love of school will last as long as possible!

Needless to say I am looking forward to summer where I get to spend every second with her. And because I hate winter. 


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