Hazel Faith {Baptism}

This past Sunday we had the most perfect day spent with friends and family to celebrate our littlest sister's baptism. I don't know why, but this time it felt extra special. I think since Quinn started Kindergarten in the church/school we belonged to, it has give us a little more motivation to actually make an effort to attend and involve ourselves more in the church. And it feels good. 

We had the honor of having my favorite priest perform the baptism and it was so wonderful. Hazel would smile at him every single time he spoke to her and it was heart melting. He was so sweet with the girls. 

Let me also add that I have the absolute best friends in the entire world. I cannot explain enough how much our friends mean to us and how we consider them more than family. Eight kids, a one hour mass and none of them wanted to kill me. 

Is he not the sweetest looking holy man you've ever seen??

Daddy takes great pride in being the one to hold our daughters while they get baptized. He is usually as take charge as they come when it comes to the big milestones!

I am so fortunate to round out the baptism of our third with our friends Jamie and Matt. We could not be more grateful for them for taking this on! Tess: if we have a fourth we're just going back to you :)

Also thankful for such a tall Godfather. 

In my way too many to count years of going to church, I have never been asked to bring the gifts down and was ecstatic to be asked when we sat down. Harper is more than attached to me these days, and Quinny was busy sitting her bestie, so I envisioned an adorable little walk down the aisle and she would graciously hand over the basket. 

We may have been too excited. She did great walking down and then as soon as Father John reached out his hand, she did a complete , "NOPE" and ran the other way. We had to gently redirect her and make her hand over that basket. Thank goodness he laughed and she finally handed over the goods. 

Hallelujah Amen.

The Godparents. Even if Matt didn't complete the sign of the cross on Hazel's forehead.

Little Connor! 

Quinn was over it. DST was over, the kids were ready for naps, and probably starved. 
All in all, they all did so good!

So thankful for these people! We have no idea where we would be without you guys. 

It was a beautiful day. 


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