(also...it's CHRISTMAS people!)

November is filled with posts all over social media about what we are grateful for. If I had to pick one thing I am most grateful for it would be for my health and the health of my babies and family. I don't think there is anyone out there who can say that they haven't at all been affected by cancer. So if the opportunity comes my way to spread even a little awareness... I am all for it!

We all know about Movember and all those handsome beards popping up everywhere. I love me some men in beards. Good thing my husband is more lazy than anything when it comes to his facial hair so he usually is always sporting some kind of scruff. 

Thanks to Tommy John we are trying to spread awareness for testicular cancer, the most common cancer in males ages 15-35. Crazy, right? I seriously had no idea. My knowledge of testicular cancer came from the Sex and the City episode where Steve tells Miranda about his testicular cancer. Sad, I know, but it's the truth. 

The #SupportYourBalls campaign is a pretty hilarious way (if you ask me) to get the awareness going. And as a wife who makes every.single dentist/doctor appointment for her husband (your welcome for that mole removal babe), I urge all the women, mamas, wives, significant others to get on board and really get on your men to take this seriously. 

Also, how cute are these limited edition goodies?! 

Tommy John is donating 5% of all sales of their limited edition "Mustache and Ball" collection to benefit testicular cancer. They are also donating $1 for every entry in their Instagram contest up to #1,000.... just search the hashtag #SupportYourBalls. 

I know these would make a great Christmas gift too for the man in my life who is forever trying to find the most comfortable pair of boxer briefs!


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