A couple weekends ago (bad blogger) we hosted our 5th Annual Friendsgiving! This is seriously my most favorite day of the year. Like the entire year. I know I always go on and on about how much our friends mean to us, so we are so happy to be able to get together once a year and have everyone in the same room.... with all the children. 

Appe Cider Sangria. A whole lot of vodka, a little apple cider and some moscato. Just wing it. 

As always it was an amazing night. Mama roasted a delicious turkey and we learned that Sister Hazel suffers from a severe case of FOMO (fear of missing out, Anthony). Girlfriend was minus about 6 naps and was not having being put down for a nap. 

My favorite part of the day is bribing all the kids for a picture. Can you believe we will be adding three more bambinos next year?! (NOT FROM ME)

We let the kids go nuts and tear the playroom apart. Funny, on our first Friendsgiving we had an actual dining room. Now that it's been turned into a playroom it at least contains the crazy in one room. 

I am so thankful for everyone that came! And so thankful for this guy who puts up with my crazy every year. 

Because let's be honest. This is totally me.


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