Christmas | 2015

This Christmas was filled with little sleep and tons of smiles. I could not be more grateful for my three amazing little girls. Watching Quinn and Harper and how much fun they had just makes it one of the best days ever. Hazel happily napped right through present opening and then came down to play with all the wrapping paper. And since she was up so early, I got to snap some quiet photos and enjoy the magic, just me and my itty bitty.

Aways a joy to see the husband's wrapping techniques. 

They were so excited to peel around the corner!

Her favorite gift out of everything. A stuffed Corn the Elf that 
she could have and cuddle all year long!

"Open this for me."

This girl and baby dolls. Never have I seen such an obsession. 


Finally awake! And enjoyed the loads of wrapping paper!

Thankful for the 70 degree Christmas degree weather. Seriously, I need to move.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Re-joining the real world has been tough and I hate it. 


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