School is not your child care! (Loud noises!)

Ok, so this week has brought out a lot of emotions. The feelings, people. They are everywhere. 

We're on snow day #8 and I've heard it all. The county decided to close school again today and people are not holding back!

I get a lot of entertainment from reading everyone's comments. (Sorry) But the psychology major in me is fascinated by 1) the need for people to start Facebook wars on this topic 
2) the utterly stupid comments people write 

I quote:

"Momentum of education is suffering." 

That one made me laugh the hardest. 

This was posted on the county school Facebook page by an obviously angry mama. 

Need I mention that there are literal 10 foot high snow piles e v e r y w h e r e . And some kids walk and take the bus to school. I know, right? What assholes. 

Let me just say, I get it. Are my kids driving me insane? Absolutely. And I only have one child in school! Do I really care? No. 

But let's look at the facts here... I am a stay at home mom so I don't really have to care. Do I get why people are so angry? 


I, too was once a full time working mom. With a lot of help. And I was the parent that had to miss work due to illness, clingyness, doctor's appointments. You name it. The husband just couldn't do it. 

So I totally understand the frustration parents feel. I am one that thrives on a schedule. I like plans and I function well when I'm busy. When I'm stuck at home with nothing to do? I fall apart. 

Do you know the one comment that I literally have such an issue with?


Umm, thank you? I think we're all aware.

How many times do I have to hear "who do you think takes care of your kids all day?!" No shit. We get teachers are amazing people. I could never do it.  

Why people feel the need to throw that out there kind of pisses me off. Because a) guess what jerk offs? There are these amazing people called single mothers/fathers out there who have no family/help and full time jobs who kind of (rightfully so) depend on their kids going to school. 
b) there are people whose entire being revolves around their children and their schedule. (Hi, every parent) so while it's totally understandable that school is being called off, do I get the frustration of "another snow day?"

Also you tell me one parent who busts their butts for daycare who doesn't feel even the slightest feeling of relief for "free daycare" or as the rest of us call it, SCHOOL. 

Hell yes. 

So why would someone feel the need to be a complete dick and talk about school being daycare and how these people should "handle their kids?" I don't know. But my guess is those moms are the ones who demand gluten free snacks and don't let their kids eat Lunchables.

Just my opinion. 

So is everyone entitled to be frustrated? 

YES. Welcome to the real world. Unfortunately, these days a world where everyone is offended by everything. 

Do we all need to share our butt hurt opinions on the topic? Probably not. All the complaining in the world is not going to change the fact that schools are doing what's best for children. 

So please do us all a favor and SHUTTHEFUCKUP with the opinions that only revolve around your circumstances. 

The end. And thank you. 


An exhausted mom. 


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