Dear Daughters

Raising girls has been a more amazing than I can put into words experience so far. Mind you, Ive only been doing it for 5.5 years but I have a feeling the best times are yet to come. 

When I found out I was having Harper my mind immediately went to how thankful I was Quinn would have a sister to share her life with. The fact that I never had sisters made me all the more excited to raise these girls to live each other fiercely. You know...Braverman style. (Seriously though, what did I ever do without this show? Thank you Netflix.)

When I found out we were having Hazel I had those same exact feelings except this time my mind more went towards the route of raising my little tribe of women who would some day grow up and marry three different kind of men. 

Men scare me. To put it as honestly as I can, I've seen men change women, I've seen them manipulate, control, offer a life of happiness and promise and then have it all taken away. I've seen weak women settle, never using their voice when it should have been used. And it scared me. 

It scares me. 

My biggest fear in life is having my girls settle. Love is crazy, y'all. It makes you do crazy things. I think of myself as a teenager and I cry/laugh at the thing that I did. I think being surrounded by asshole men my whole life has kind of opened my eyes more than normal and know from a very young age that if I ever got married, I wanted something so completely different. Luckily I found that awesomeness all rolled into an Anthony sandwich, and I thank God for that every day. 

Anthony is a huge part of what I never had. Father and husband wise. He loves his women and would kill for any of us. He works likes a dog and comes home and settles right into Dad mode. Especially on days when I hand him the infant and run as far away as possible. He is the dad that wants  to be at every doctor's appointment, soccer game, school meeting. 

I am so thankful for the examples he is setting and I pray that our girls will grow up strong, mindful and to, for the love of God 


So my dear, sweet angel babies. May you never settle for anything. Job, circumstance, man. May you always be spirited, confident and motivated. And know that Mommy and Daddy (and sisters) will always have your back. 

(Insert fist bump emoji)


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