Happy 3rd Birthday, Harper Grace!

Dear Harper,

My middle baby. We have been calling you "the baby" since you were born and I still quite can't shake it, even though you've become a big sister yourself! It was always "You get Quinn, I'll take the baby." or "Did the baby eat?" Always, always, my baby.

Words cannot even describe what a special little girl you are. You are so strong, stubborn, and insanely unpredictable. Your memory is something that we are coming to find is a little insane. 

Like, Sheldon Cooper insane. You may not give two hoots about learning to write your name or anything like that, but the things that you remember make me think we should have you tested. But apparently you are just like your father :)

You are and have always been our best sleeper. Which mama is more than appreciative of now that I haven't slept more than 3 hours at a time for over 6 months now. You love your sisters like crazy. To be honest, it's kind of something that surprised me the most. You are so independent I honestly didn't expect for you to be so attached to Hazel. You look up to Quinn and take such good care of Hazel that you just melt my heart on the daily. 

You are most definitely a middle child and I love every bit of it. You are the one that keeps us on our toes and the one that cuddles us the most. You need a little extra loving sometimes and I take full advantage of that. 

I still can't believe that I doubted having enough love for more than one kid when you were born. You showed me how insanely endless a mama's heart is for her babies and I hope to someday make you and Hazel middle sisters with just one more baby. We're working on Daddy! It helps that you and Quinn ask for another baby almost every day :)

Your obsession with baby dolls makes me think you'll be a mama to lots of babies one day. You never go anywhere or sleep without one. Baby dolls are for sure your most favorite thing ever. 

You are simply just full of joy and the laughs that you bring to our little family is so appreciated. You are so funny and full of love. And the love that we all have for you is something insane. We adore you, Harper Grace and I can't wait to see you grow and blossom that insanely feisty personality you have. And to quote your favorite song at the moment that you request on repeat all day long...

"may your heart always be joyful, may your song always sung... and may you stay forever young."

Love you so, so much,

Mommy & Daddy


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