Easter Fun!

Easter always sneaks up on me every year! I am also forever reminded of this Easter:

By far the scariest, most real parenting moment of my mom career. With a one month old Harper at home, I always think of how lucky we were to have our friends and my mama. My mom who basically watched Harper for three days straight, including all those night feedings! Thankful I had pumped so early on with her and had plenty of milk in the freezer. And so, so thankful for friends who took turns coming over, giving mama a break and making the best Easter basket ever for our girl. I get way too emotional thinking of these few days because it really showed us who matters and most importantly who will always be there for us. Ok, end sappy memory rant! 

We got to spend another Easter with my bestie and her family. The girls had way too much fun egg hunting and trampoline jumping! And Quinn "finalllllly" got to eat her beloved chocolate after a 40 day break thanks to JC. 

Those are some cute kids if I do say so myself. 

I swear she loves us. And she does smile. Just not for the camera. 

Can you tell Nolan was thrilled?!

Showing off her eggs!

Seriously, that face though.  P U R E   J O Y

Weeks away from Maddie making her debut!!!!

I love these rare family photos of the five of us! (WHOA)

This was Hazel after a 4 hour stretch of not sleeping. But right to bed she went and it was glorious! 

These three girls. I can't even put into words the feelings. Anyone ever catch a picture of your kids and just stop in your tracks because you can't believe you're so lucky?

This is one of those pictures! They may fight like WWE champions but my goodness do they love each other. And my God do mommy and daddy love them so!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Now bring on summer. 


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