Mamas still got it. For like 3 seconds.

Many moons ago, and one child less, my besties and I regularly attended late night yoga classes. We would put the babies to bed and meet up for a nice, relaxing, and insanely difficult class nearby. We got pretty good, if I do say so myself. And to be honest, the real reason I went was because I enjoyed the shavasana at the end with the lavender spritzed towel that was laid on my face. And not one soul asking me why bananas are yellow and why can't they be pink. 

Of all the exercises in the world, I enjoy lifting heavy things the most. Running I hate, but I do it because I enjoy not being winded as I chase my children. But when I did yoga on a consistent basis, I was just overall more flexible. My never ending lower back issues disappeared and I didn't feel "old" 

You know when you haven't worked out in forever and you roll yourself out of bed and you just feel "old"?! Yeah that. I didn't have that. 

So I am slowly starting to pick back up with this whole working out thing because Hazel is finally sleeping. I don't even think I can jinx it because she has been doing so well for a while now. So I definitely want to incorporate some yoga in there somewhere because my back has been an annoyance since I had Hazel almost 8 months ago. 

What better way to get back into the swing of things than with new yoga pants?!

Nothing... and I mean nothing motivates me more than some new workout clothes. I scored these Under Armour pants at and they have quickly become my new favorites. They also have all the "real" yoga brands that people who are seriously into yoga will know about. I stuck with what I knew :)

So if you are looking for some amazing deals on some new yoga pants, head on over to Yoga Outlet. You will not be dissapointed!

PS. When you haven't done a yoga headstand in over a year and your core is pretty much at a zero on a scale of pre baby to 3 babies.... You will fall and your 5 year old who you asked to take your picture will continuously laugh at you and tell you that you are failing. 

These pictures took all morning haha! But I have to say it got easier and it was definite motivation for a workout that day!


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