First School Year: Nailed It

First year of real school in the books!

And to say that it flew by would be the biggest understatement of my life. 

I guess giving birth to your third baby in 5 years two weeks before school started 
will do that to you. 

Quinn went to preschool last year two days a week. Two half days a week. Because we were those parents who didn't want her not at home with her mama where she belongs. Boy did I luck out with this kid. I immediately regretted the two half days a week going into Kindergarten. I thought I didn't do a well enough job of preparing her. I was throwing her into all day everyday school. Where she knew not one kid. 

I panicked a little. But then again, I didn't have that much time to panic because again.... baby. 

We made it through the school's Popsicle Playdate where she brought in her school supplies, met her teacher (who we could grow to absolutely adore), and show her around what would be her new stomping grounds. 

Then a week and a half later, it was car line, goodbye. And girlfriend killed it. She didn't cry, she was excited, she loved school.

And on the last day of school? Still does. It didn't matter to me how well she was reading, counting, doing whatever it is that Kindergarteners are "supposed" to be doing, she loved school and that was all that mattered to me. It was a huge bonus when she ended the year reading chapter books, writing complete sentences and just overall blowing my mind, really. 

And also? Not one late drop off

Can I get an Amen?!? There may have been one pick up where I was running to the door literally 30 seconds after they let them out and there also may have been tears, but we are all good. I also remembered to explain to her a little thing called after care and how kids aren't just left to fend for themselves if their mommy's or daddy's are late to pick them up. 

I am entering this summer feeling so insanely grateful that our path ended up at her school. Two years ago we were getting ready to move to another county, ready to send her into a great public school. When that didn't work out we ended up sending her to our church school, the same one her Godmother attended because I didn't want her to go into school, have us move and then have to be pulled out. We didn't know if we could swing it, but decided to make the sacrifice. 

Soon after Anthony got a promotion, we realized we didn't want to move out of our beloved county and I could not be more grateful for God's plan.  Now we are looking to move again and our only requirement is that its close to her school/our church. Having 100% love for her school and how its run and the families we've met and befriended..... makes me a happy mama. 

Now if only Harper would quit asking me when she can go to school everyday that would be amazing :)


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