Long Weekend Haps

Oh, how I adore long weekends. Especially long weekends in summer. There's nothing better than having Daddy home all weekend!

We had the most relaxing Fourth and weekend and actually got some house things done, Anth worked on some outside projects (slowly getting the house list ready....again) and the girls enjoyed some time with Lita while Mommy and Daddy got a date night in too!

I have been reading my DSLR's manual for a little while now and I finally started getting actual pictures that resembled pictures haha!

This was my very first all manual photo. Obviously not great, but my subject wouldn't sit still for very long and it actually looks like a baby instead of a blob so I'm happy :)

 Saturday we did as we always do and took Quinny to her CrossFit Kids class. My God she loves this class. And they actually make them workout. Which to be honest....is pretty motivating for me to see her so happy and excited about it!

We finally got a chance to see Finding Dory with the big girls! And our theatre finally got those oh so comfortable reclining leather seats.

Obviously she doesn't know how to relax and have a good time. 


Hazel did this for a solid 5 minutes. Just ket pushing her face in therefor some sugar. 

The big girls headed to church with Lita and then we spent the evening with Nana and Grandad. Hazel actually stayed up past 8:00 and did awesome.This kid is finally settling into a go with the flow life and this mama could not be more happy about it. 

It was a rainy fourth so we skipped all the parades and decided to take the Middle one out for a solo Mommy and Daddy day date. 

And you guys.... it was amazing. This kid is so flippin hilarious and getting to have her all to ourselves was so much fun. Poor middle kids.  We took her to a mall we never really go to and she ate up all the adventures along the way!

Along with a "Mommy, take my picture here." at every spot!

She really loved the fish tank at Bass Pro.....until a dog sized catfish scared her half to death. Which we of course documented. 

And for the most hilarious part of the trip, girlfriend fell asleep with a cinnamon pretzel in her hand. Then immediately woke up demanding we take it from her.... and nap was over lol!

I love weekends that we really don't have plans for. I was bummed we missed the fireworks this year, but with three kiddos who all dart in different directions, we thought we'd try next year!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth!


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