Hazel's Flamingo 1st Birthday!

This past weekend was Hazel's 1st birthday party. HOW? I don't know. To say this has been the fastest year of my life would be a massive understatement. I know I say this all the time but time seriously just goes faster with each child, and it is so.so.so unfair. 

In true fashion, we had a nursery themed Flamingo Birthday! She's not really into anything except getting into trouble, so I went with flamingos and thank goodness flamingos are so in right now. 

It was a mild 110 degrees outside (ha!) so we spent most of it by the pool, but unless you were in the water it go pretty miserable so, this one stayed in the AC most of the time! 

This one made huge strides in the letting other people hold her department. She is the one to scream and lunge back towards me whenever we try so the fact that Grandad was getting such loving was a huge deal!

The two Harper's! Seriously they look more like sisters than Harper and her actual sisters!

Nice Hazie. 

It was one of the hottest days of the year, so thank goodness for the pool!

The Three Year Old Club

We had to wake poor Hazie (grr) so we could sing to her, so all of the pictures are obviously of her hating life and in desperate need of a nap!

Thank you Sugar Bakers!

GG made her a special smash cake that mama happily ate for her :)


"Can I take a nap now?"

It was the best day surrounded by our favorite people. I always feel so sentimental and thankful after birthday parties because we are seriously so lucky to be surrounded by the most amazing people. We must have done something right :)

A tradition of taking an after party selfie to celebrate another successful year of parenting! ha! 

I'm fine to take a long break until the next birthday. The fact that it will be Harper's 4th, I can't even talk about that right now!

Love you Hazelnut!! You have brought so much joy into our lives, I couldn't imagine life without your crazy self in it!


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