My First Grade Baby

My beautiful little (big) girl. You amaze me every single day and on the first day of first grade, you did not disappoint. 

If you can't tell by your pictures, you were pretty excited for school. I think you missed your friends and most of all I think you missed those monkey bars :)

This summer was an easy going on. Your baby sister finally settled into some sort of schedule and that both petrifies and excites me. Exciting on weekends when we have nowhere to be. Not so exciting when her afternoon nap hits right at pick up time. But like we always do, we'll figure it out together. 

You came bursting out of those doors with the biggest smile on your face. I think you love pick up as much as I do. Because it is by far the best part of my day and most importantly your sisters day. You told me all about your day. Who you say next to at lunch, how you missed your bestie Brooke whose in the other 1st grade class this year (SO SAD!) How sweet your teacher is and how her classroom is all red. 

I missed you more than you will know today. (Mimosas after drop off with some girfeiends helped mommy a little bit). Daddy stayed home today so we could both send you off, so tomorrow it's the cold hard reality of the school year and probably dropping you off in my pjs. 

I love you baby girl. I am so, so proud of you and I am so excited for this year to get started. I can't wait to see you shine and grow and do all the things that first graders do!

Here's to an awesome school year! 


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