My Hazel Faith... Happy Birthday, Baby Girl

Oh my Hazel. I cannot put into words how strange it feels to be writing your first birthday post. That cannot be right. 

A whole year?! I clearly remember how petrified I was to have you. Because of the obvious reasons. Lack of sleep, two other kids and hello? I only have two hands. I prayed you would be as easy going as your sisters. 

God apparently was busy up there :)

From the very beginning you gave me a run for my money. From the worst morning sickness out of all three girls (and that's saying a lot being that I threw up no less than 67 times a day with each of them) to the stomach bug I caught while I was pregnant, to the scary hospital visit we had the day before you were born. 

You broke me down baby girl and you haven't slowed down since you came out! You have been feisty since day one and while you have definitely been the hardest on me, you've been the sweetest too. You give the best cuddles and you need your mama all the time. And I could not be more thankful for you and your little face. You started walking about a month ago which means you have been running for about 3 weeks now! (Seriously, kid. Is this what boy moms deal with? She is gogogo all the time!)

We had the best day enjoying you and forcing you out your routine so we could drag all three of you to the aquarium, but I will save today's haps for another post. 

Just know we love you with every fiber of our being and I am so thankful God thought we could handle you :) Because you fit into this crazy train perfectly. 

Happy 1st Birthday my Hazie!!


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