Loving all the fall things.

We've had a busy couple of fall days so I am spending today doing absolutely nothing and trying to meal prep as much as I can. It took me almost 8 years of being married to realize that if I spend all of Friday doing a l l  t h e  l a u n d r y and all of the cleaning then I can actually enjoy the weekend so much more. So here's to that!

On Friday we spent the day with our favorites hitting pumpkin patch #1.

It naturally started with an attempt of a kid picture.

But Hazel had other plans. Like always. 

It was such a beautiful day and the kids were so pooped, it gave me a double nap time that I had been praying for! Woohoo!

Saturday we got to celebrate this little cutie turning 4! 4! I seriously can't believe Baby Brody is 4. 

The weather could not have been nicer and even though Hazel was running on one short nap, the kids did great! 

Did anyone else snag an entire cold weather wardrobe for their kids during the Cat & Jack sale?!

On a funny note. If her face can fit in it... she will stick it right in haha!


My love for goats gets stronger every year. Seriously I just want a tiny goat and pig and that will conclude my farm life that I so desperately need. And a horse. 


We somehow managed to count about 78 pumpkins when we go home, so I see a ton of painting and carving in our future! This weather has been so amazing, and even though its going to hit 80 a few times this week, I am soaking it all up as much as I can!

But this weekend?! A definite fall win. 


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