One Last Summer Hoorah

We took our annual trip down to North Carolina and got back a week ago. Pretty sure it's taken me the entire week just to get back to "normal". I don't even know what normal is, but pretty sure were finally getting there. We left on a Sunday and the Friday before I was fortunate enough to get to go away for a girls weekend. I can't write this post without saying how much needed and grateful I am for the group of women I got to spend the weekend with. Man, if it just doesn't feel so good to laugh, drink and share stories that make you feel like you aren't really sucking ass at this whole motherhood thing.

We usually drive through the night so the the girls can sleep the entire way there, but being that Hazel has never slept away from home, we decided that getting somewhere new at 2am and having to put that child down would not go over so well :)

So I got back bright and early from girls weekend and we headed out a little before lunch time. The girls did so good on the drive down. We stopped to grab some lunch and let them stretch their legs and then we made it (all with a 30 minute Hazel nap) right at dinner time. It was perfect. 

The next morning? All we wanted was the pool :) I am so proud of this little fish this summer and how far she's come. Quinn and her cousin Sloane could have been in this pool all day, everyday.  

The beach however? Is where I could spend the rest of my days. Anthony doesn't understand my love for literally lying on the beach all day long. And I am happy to watch him in the water with the girls. 

This one. I don't want to say she was the best behaved this week....but she was the best behaved this week ha! We really, really got to enjoy her and her sweet personality and it was much needed in between Hazel tantrums and Quinn's sass. 

By far, my favorite picture of Anthony. 

This was by far one of the best weeks we've had in NC. We got to spend some time with family we don't get to see a lot and it was awesome. With 4 kids in the house it was actually amazing. And I am missing that view everyday since!

But now it's October. So bring on the pumpkins and hot coffee and boots!


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