Disney World | Part One!

We got back from Disney a week and a half ago and guys.....

WHY DO I NOT LIVE THERE. I have always been a life long Disney lover. My very first movie in the theaters was Little Mermaid and I remember it so clearly. I dress my kids in character Disney clothes and chose to spend my 19th birthday there where I got to take Anthony there for the first time ever in his life. It's just always been a huge love of ours and our babies. 

But leaving this time? I did not want to go. At all. Not even a little bit. And I usually love the coming home from vacation part as much as I love getting ready for one!

And maybe I was Googling "old lady cast jobs" at Disney World on the plane ride home.  (Fairy godmother? Totally!)

It was just amazing and I can't say enough good things about it. I was stressing majorly about it before hand. The packing, the planning, the Hazel. But everything was so smooth and perfect. Except the bus service. That killed my soul a little everyday lol! We are already planning our next trip where we will most definitely stay at the Contemporary so we can walk right over to the Magic Kingdom!

Speaking of Magic Kingdom, my girls were hilarious because when they think "Disney" they think the castle. So whenever we ventured to Epcot or Animal Kingdom.... we weren't in Disney in their minds. Which is both hysterical and maddening considering how much money put into those park hopper tickets!

Daddy got picked to be the knight :) How fitting!

This was also our first time going at Christmas time. And the castle at night!? I cannot even put into words how many times I would just stare at it saying "It's so pretty!" I seriously felt like a child, but it was magical you guys.  m a g i c a l.

We stayed at Art of Animation which was the only reasonably priced hotel that could fit all 5 of us! Especially when Hazel still needs her own space. Harper and Quinn both shared a bed which was ..... interesting :) Adorably cute, but definitely not ideal! Especially for two girls who have always had their own rooms!

I'll do a few posts of pictures because there are so many. (And ps. The Memory Maker?! Totally worth every single penny!)

I'll be back with some more photos this week! 

Because school's out and WHAT AM I GOING TO DO. 


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