My Messy DIY Doormat

I'm sure y'all have seen these doormats floating around Instagram and Pinterest lately! Here's a quick rundown of how I got the (messy) version! 

I bought the mat during my last Ikea trip a few months back in hopes of doing something to it and somehow during the week we painted the deck, it got some sweet tan lines on it. {insert annoyed face here} But regardless I had been itching to paint something and as I was putting the rocking chairs and mats back on our deck I decided to just go for it! I used my Silhouette to cut out stencils out of contact paper and since my husband wasn't home to measure everything like he usually does I decided to eyeball it. Again.... This is why it's called the Messy DIY Doormat. 

Since the mat was so texture-y the stencils wouldn't really stick to it, so I decided to use some push pins and keep them somewhat in place. I debated taking a spray paint can to it, but I thought I for sure would have gotten it all over the place. 

I bought some outdoor acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby and just smashed it into the stencil. I love that I didnt have to be neat about it since I knew it wasnt' going to bleed through since the mat was so rough. 

A few coats was all it took!

I would think those plastic stencils that they sell at any craft store would work perfectly for this project, and measuring will definitely give you better results :)

But it was a quick nap time project and I'm busy doing all the un-importatn things before we list the house in a few weeks!


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