This Mother's Day

I've spent the last good part of 6 years raising little babies. Diapers, breastfeeding, solids and baby food making I've got down like a pro. Potty training? No problem. Sleep deprivation? I wouldn't know what to do with more sleep.

 What I had no idea would be so challenging was having a full time school kid with one more enrolling in the fall (HOW?!) So these past two years have been kind of a huge learning curve for me in terms of this new world of school and birthday parties and activities and Christmas pageants and all the things  that I want to be a part of but have a very hard time thanks to a certain almost 2 year old and sometimes difficult 4 year old.

The simple fact is that I wasn't expecting to make such awesome mom friends at Quinn's school. I've been spoiled with my circle and being one of the most distrusting people I know, I didn't think I would be where I am today. As in trusting these amazing women with my kids.

Because HOLY SHIT you guys. I literally couldn't adult and be a parent without them. So this Mother's Day I am most thankful for all the moms in my life. The ones who bring me my baby at pickup when she's fallen and skinned her knee because I was too busy having an adult conversation with other moms. The moms who shuffle my kids around to gymnastics gladly even though they are already have a car full of kids just so I don't have to wake my babies to be there at pick up .  The mom at the playground who always helps Hazel climb those damn ladder things. All my mom friends who feed my kids snacks in church when we're trying to get through the student led prayer service. The moms who crack open a bottle of rosé at 10:30 with you just because it's a day off of school.

Thank you.

Thank you.


I love that we're all in this together. I love that my kids love you all so much. And I love that we all have each other.

 This Mother's Day I promise not to think about 8th grade graduation and how much I'm going to cry thinking about them all growing up.

And thank you to all the moms who I don't even know who simply pull a cart out for you in Target with a warm smile and an "I've been there." It's those little moments that snap me back to reality and make me take a breath. (Ps. That Breathe function on the Apple Watch?! USE it y'all!)

And to my three little girls who gave me a reason to celebrate today.

Mommy loves you more than words.

To the moon and out ❤️


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