s e v e n : the birthday festivities

This year was quite the crazy week for Quinn's seventh birthday! It seemed like all we did was party and celebrate and while we were all left exhausted... we were all insanely happy and satisfied.

We had a party on Saturday at Crossfit of course! Because this girl has a serious addiction and could literally do it every day if I let her. I was excited to see how the party would come together and I could not have been more happy. Let me just preface this with the fact that one of her Crossfit coaches is on the #2 team in the entire world. Yup. This little lion is lucky enough not only to have him as a coach but all of the coaches are amazing. So they went well beyond for her birthday and the kids loved it! 

Almost ready for the workout! Not before learning to properly squat though.

Competitive much?

Also a side note on Harper! This girl is a lot of things....athletic hasn't really been one that has had a chance to shine yet. But she did it all! Without help from us, she listened to the coaches and did everything so well. And we could not have been more proud!

A party wouldn't be a party without Hazel's RBF.

She really does love her godmother!

Love these people so much. 

We had a family party on Sunday which included lots of swimming and lots of eating! 

It was the perfect way to end the weekend. These kids have been around each other since they were itty bitty babies so it always melts my heart to see them all together!

Next on the list? My big girl had her first sleepover. YUP. That thing I swore would never happen ever. I guess thats what happens when you meet the best people at your daughter's little school. You become best friends with parents and you do all the things you thought you'd never do.

And it was? Amazing. I could not have been more blessed that my Quinny pretty much picked the best best friend ever :) 

They swam, they ate, they did not sleep! It was the perfect way for Quinn to wake up as a 7 year old. 

Which I still cannot believe. 

What they didn't do? Sleep! ha! I (stupidly) thought they would be tired and sleep like babies. We had to bribe Harper to sleep with us so that she would calm the heck down after being shot down at joining the sleepover so not a lot of sleep was had by most that day!

I ended up passing out around 10:00 and waking up around 11:45 thinking I would sneak in and take a cute "sleeping photo" when I was hit with two wide awake girls! I was in shock but I guess lesson learned!

Then we met up and had a little birthday lunch for the girl!

As if you couldn't guess, girlfriend was TIRED and ended up falling asleep on the way to dinner.

And even though we were all stuffed and exhausted, we of course had to stop for some ice cream!

It was a long weekend, but a great weekend and while I'm still eating cake and getting more disgusted with myself by the day, it was all worth it to see that (exhausted) smile. 

Happy 7th Birthday my Quinny!


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