Together We Mother: Father's Day

Father's Day is always a bittersweet day for me. While in my mind I imagine what a "perfect" life would be like visiting all the dads in my life with all the tired and cranky children, it's only spent celebrating Anth.

Which I love. I just want to make that clear :) The kids soak up an entire day loving on Daddy (which by the way.... isn't much different than any other day!) We spend dinner time with people I have grown to adore and am so thankful for every single year.  A father figure to Anthony when he was a teenager and always do I love getting together and hearing stories about my husband. It really is a great day every single year. 

I always find myself at the end thanking God for the husband and father by my side. Usually sleeping soundly beside me due to the days festivities haha! And I get angry. Irrationally, totally angry. That I don't have a father worth celebrating. That my kids have been robbed of a grandfather to spend the day with. Then I think of my babies.

My beautiful girls and I take a breath and think God has a reason and God has a plan and he hasn't let us down so far so I get over it. I get it.

Life isn't perfect. But it's our perfect little life. And I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Plus our lives are really only filled with people we love. And how many people can truly say that? :)

Happy Father's Day babe. Out appreciation is never ending for all that you do. 


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