Let's all reminisce about actually printing photos...

Remember in high school when you used to take disposable cameras everywhere and you couldn't wait to see the pictures when you finally got around to developing them?!

Sometimes I miss the old days like that. These days taking a picture and posting it to social media is about as good as it gets.

I miss real prints.

Am I the only one? Well thank goodness for Printiki.

They have a ton of options, including prints, posters and books! I went with the 4x4 square prints with the white border and I could not be more obsessed with them. And shipping? 

Insanely quick.

Also? Seeing all these photos makes me a little teary eyed haha! WHY do babies have to grow so fast?!

I love having actual prints to look at. Quinn has actually requested to keep a few herself so I'm currently crafting a sweet little frame that she can hang these on with tiny little clothespins. 

I've also put a few on the fridge, in my planner, basically anywhere I can to show them off. 

So head on over to Printiki and have at it! I'll definitely be trying a photo book in the near future! 

See? Another reason I miss printing photos and sticking them in albums!


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