the f o u r t h | 2017

the fourth is always a favorite of mine. I love nothing more than hot weather, family fun and tired kiddos. 

One last picture before we melted!

Last year we were rained out for the fireworks and thanks to a certain feisty almost one year old, we missed all the fun so we were super excited this year for all the fourth festivities!

We usually skip all the parades due to nap times and such but in this amazing new season of life where all the kids are pretty much old enough to make it through a napless day, we decided to go for it.

That is until our upstairs AC broke so Anth was at home with a dear friend fixing it. 

Step in mama!

I was so thankful she came and helped me because I for sure would have lost a child had she not!

It was H O T. Like makeup burning my eyeballs hot and Harper, being my least likely to enjoy physical exercise and anything that requires work was not having it!

Thank goodness for the Rite Aid right next to our seats because I ended up spending $25 on hats for my to albino children and all the candy.

Hazel was just a tad tired.

And this one. Love her so. Maybe because she reminds me of Hazel a little bit?

We made it out just as the kids were melting down and Hazel immediately fell asleep in the car. Since I'm 3 kids in and have yet to master the car-to-crib transfer, we decided to drive around and let the big ones watch a movie and relax. 

She woke up just as we were pulling in (to good news that the air was fixed!) and after a few potty brakes and diaper changes we made our way to Papa Grubb's house for more celebrating!

and sprinklers!

These two! So similar and just as cute as each other!

I dont know when they became so big together, but mama is still holding out hope that he will be my son in law one day :) Hashtag: wedding slideshow

After we stuffed our faces with delicious food we made our way to the fireworks!

Sidenote: this Beco was the best money I ever spent!

We of course tried to get a family photo and I should have just stopped at this one. 

because real life people.

ahhh, yes. Totally frameable.

I don't think I have ever seen Harper s o  t i r e d  before.

She literally made it to bed without waking up!

And this one. Woke up at 10:00 the next morning! Ha! 

Can you tell who my favorite is today?!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th! Now the rest of the summer can slow down!


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