The Hastings Do Cape Hatteras

Finally getting around to ignoring all of my other responsibilities to sit down and recap our first trip to the Outer Banks last month! We've kind of been scrambling all over the place between selling our house (finally!), sports, birthdays and finally finding a house we love!

We had the itch for a beach vacation a few months back and decided to try the Outer Banks! Since we seriously have never heard a bad thing about it (except getting stuck in traffic) we decided to try Cape Hatteras and booked a week long stay. 

Our plan was to leave at 5, which in reality meant closer to 6 but we made it there with minimal traffic (thank you Waze!)

The only problem was that our house wasn't ready until close to 5pm so we had to drive around some more to try and entertain the children. 

We have only ever been to Emerald Isle, NC so the biggest difference? the mother effin winds.

I'm not sure if its like this along the Kitty Hawk/Nags Head/Duck area? But holy cow. It obviously didn't stop these kids from enjoying the beach though!

Thanks Hazel. Exactly the picture I had envisioned. 

Obviously it was insanely sunny, too :)

Hazel didn't disappoint and while I was super grateful that she really wanted nothing to do with the water? She also didn't want to walk in the sand/sit in a chair/sleep/wear a hat. But she did love feeding the birds Pringles. She regretted that pretty quickly. 

THANK GOD for mama, because she has this thing called patience and could get her to sit and play with her magic. 

The big girls did great as usual! They loved the sand but loved fishing the most. Yes, seriously. I don't know whose kids these are.

Also, my iPhone camera decided to break on vacation so every iPhone picture I have is insanely blurry. good times.

We spent a ton of time at the pool and I was d y i n g to know if Reagan could swim. Don't ask me why I never threw her into our pool, but the dog can swim!! And she actually seemed to enjoy it! 

The one thing I was dying to do was visit the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse! I've never actually been inside a lighthouse so I was excited for the day we spent out there. Again, thankful for mama who stayed with Hazel who wasn't big enough to climb the stairs yet!

nope. not pregnant. in case you're wondering :)

The top was pretty insane! I don't really have a fear of heights, but even I found myself stepping back from the edge!

We had a great week. Anth and I even got to sneak away for a date night to celebrate 14 years of dating! It was amazing. 

We ended our last night there with some Mexican. Obviously. I love going home from vacation almost as much as I like going! But we went home to a house that wasn't officially ours anymore. 

Pretty crazy! 

So now the adventure of a new house begins! So hopefully I'll be getting a nice little house tour going in the next few weeks. 

Until next time, OBX!


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