Hazel Faith Turns 2!

Our third born is two! How did that happen exactly, I'm not quite sure. But I have gotten used to saying "two year old" since she turned two exactly a month ago, ha!

We weren't quite sure what to do with her so decided to take her to Build-a-Bear (and to be totally honest, only because Harper was d y i n g for the Wonder Woman bear.)

In true Hazel fashion, she whined and complained the whole time and then screamed bloody murder while I tried to capture the most annoying hour of our lives. 

But since this kid isn't attached to anything and happily went to bed asking for her Poppy, I call it a win! It doesn't take much with this one. 

The next dat was her party, but in almost as big news.... Harper got her first haircut!!

Thank goodness for our Brenda who gladly came a few hours before her party to give my girls some fresh back to school cuts!

If you know me, you know that I hate cutting my girls hair. So just like her sister, this 4.5 year old got a few inches sliced off and it made all the difference in the world!

b e f o r e 

Also hysterical? How different their hair color is!

a f t e r

It was a little chilly (aka, Mama only gets in the water when its 90 degrees or hotter) but the kids obviously couldn't have cared less!

They swam, they played, they ate! 

The day after was her actual birthday and we got to spend it with some of our most favorite people! We are forever grateful for having people that love our babies so much!

We basically got to hang out in heaven all day. The kids swam, played and got to pet some goats and chase after some chickens!

Someone wasn't a fan of the turtle!

k i s s e s 

This kid was in absolute heaven. She could have fed those adorable little goats all day long!

It was the best day that ended in long car naps and tired babies!

Still can't believe our baby is two!!


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