The Perfect Back to School (and Back to Sports!) Snack!

The first week of school is coming to a close and that means I've had four days of "I'm staving! Can I have a snack?!" right after pick up. Little sisters also need snacks to get through the hour and a half softball practices that started this same week. Pretty much the insane exhaustion has set in and I'm nowhere near ready to handle the school year like I imagined 😂

Aside from the usual yogurts, Goldfish and Baby Bell cheese I've gotten used to handing the girls a "treat" after they tell me all about their day and how well behaved they were. (Ok, Harper). 

These Outshine bars have become a perfect go to snack, especially with the sadness of summer being over! My personal favorite is pineapple but I still haven't found one the girls won't devour. And it's a zero guilt food thanks to the ingredients (and all that non GMO goodness)! Summer was full of bad decisions for me and way too many sugary filled snacks for the girls so this is the perfect transition from summer time BBQ's to school time healthy meal planning. 

Run to your nearest Giant, Martins or Stop and Shop and check out the different flavors! You can also download a coupon for .75 off a box!

And happy end of the first week of school for my fellow mamas! We did it, ha!


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