For all the coconut lovers of the world!

I have a confession.

I hate coconut water.

But I l o v e everything else coconut. Weird, right?

So I was excited and hesitant to try the new Welch's juice with coconut water.

Also? Those pineapple cups sure do help!

As someone who struggles with staying hydrated I should be drinking more water and so should the girls. 

Hazel is in a wonderful "I hate all food and only want milk" phase so this was the perfect opportunity to test it out on my pickiest child. 

I know she's 2, but I still "water down" her juice with water. It was pretty nice to not have to worry about that because this juice has already been "watered up"!

This is her sucking it down in about 5 seconds during our morning walk.

We've been going on walks every single day after dropping off the big girls and now we're at a point where the dog won't allow us to be home 4 seconds before going nuts and asking to be walked. 

So needless to say we will be purchasing so much more of this brand new Welch's drink around here! And with only 100 calories per serving, I find myself grabbing a quick drink and loving the flavors so far!

Check your local retailer to learn more about the White Grape Mango  and Tropical Berry Grape flavors!


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