Little Bits of Happiness v.4

And then she killed me with the cute.

 These two make me so happy. Knowing that they will grow up to be close just like their mamas!

 Ok, so I finally am starting to feel an attachment to this dog like I did with Triggs. 
And that makes me happy. And I am sure she is happy now that she sleeps in bed with us, too.

These are marriage savers. I also have ones that say "Hey Asshole", "Apology" and "High Five".

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Mrs Stephanie T


  1. OMG, where did you get those notes? I love it!

    1. Haha they are great! The website is called Knock Knock Stuff (I believe it's They are hilarious.

  2. okay that note is TOO funny. i think i need to go buy some :)


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